Reusable plastic or rubber pants and diapers for incontinence, for disabled persons, sold by mailorder.
AC Medical Supplies 
3310 King Street East, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2A1B3

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We sell reusable plastic or rubber pants and reusable diapers for disabled or chronically ill persons in many different designs and colors.   Unless explained otherwise, our rubber or plastic garments are machine washable. 

OUR CATALOGS (regular sizes, disabled persons):
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Wholesale Inquiries:  we sell directly to individuals, however, some of our products are sold also at a low wholesale price to other companies, but only with huge orders. For details, click on: wholesale.

PARCELS: Our service is confidential and our parcels are very discreetly packaged. Those mailed to foreign countries include a customs declaration document listing the contents of your parcel as "medical garments for disabled persons, free of duty and free of any tax". Our return address on parcels or correspondence is AC Medical Supplies, 3310 King Street East, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2A1B3. 

If you have difficulties with English, we can correspond in German or French or also in some other languages (inquire). Please contact us by regular mail or at our internet address   In the last 20 years we have mailed dozens of thousands of parcels and only about 9 of our parcels were lost (most of them in Mexico).    All parcels are mailed by the regular government operated post office. Their service may be slow but it is almost always reliable: this has been true about our parcels in Canada, or to USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Argentina, Chile, Brazil,  all Western Europe (including not only countries such as Germany, France, Austria, Netherland, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden but also Spain, Portugal, Italy, and the Czech Republic),  the Republic of South Africa, and Singapore.
Other countries may involve a too great risk and we ask you to e-mail us first to obtain our approval: if you do not live in the countries we have listed, please do not send any payment until we give our approval.
The postal delivery may be slow but it is usually reliable. It usually takes about 5 to 15 days for us to receive your letter with your payment and once we dispatch the parcel, the postal service might still need 2 to 5 weeks (or, in extreme as long as 10 weeks) to deliver your parcel to your address. It is important to order long before you need the garments urgently.   However, recently, parcels have also reached our clients in Mexico, Slovenia, and in Russia. 
Speed of our service:  Some garments are ready in stock (they do not need to be sewn first) and can usually be mailed immediately: these are marked in our catalog in dark blue color (the names and catalog numbers of these garments are in dark blue).    Some other garments are associated with delays.   Those with minor delays are marked in green or in purple color.  Those with greatest delays (up to 8 weeks or as indicated in their description) are in red color.  Those marked in red typically require more time-consuming sewing: they are not in the stock and we sew them only after they are ordered on the "first come first served basis."  

NEEDS OF DISABLED PERSONS: Medical textbooks for nurses have pointed out that each incontinent person has his or her very particular needs, depending on the life style, the individual job, school, or leisure activities and the particular personal disabilities. While some older persons are very concerned with skin comfort, some teenagers might ask for short but waterproof garments inconspicuous under summer shorts or short skirts. Some customers are very concerned about the aesthetic appearance of their hygienic undergarments because they wish to avoid being rejected in their close relationships. Many patients feel depressed about being ill and wish to wear their diapers or waterproof pants only in colors other than those traditionally used in nursing homes or chronic care hospitals and we should accommodate their need, too. Only few drugstores, pharmacies, or surgical supply stores in North America today sell any reusable waterproof pants because these low cost reusable products interfere with their profits from sales of disposable diaper pants. Those stores that sell reusable products usually provide very little choice with respect to the style of the garment. Personal needs are very diverse: we try to accommodate as many as possible. This also means that some of our garments will definitely not be suited for your particular needs as they were designed for a person with a very different set of medical needs: our catalog reflects the diversity of personal medical needs. Personal needs of all disabled incontinent persons should be respected.

SIZES. We list the sizes (approximate measurements only) in inches (") and also in centimeters (cm). Measure your hip size (the largest area around the hip bones) and also your waist size. Several sizes might fit an average size person (the smaller sizes for a tight fit with smaller pads only and the larger sizes for use over thick diapers), for some of the pants (e.g., #240, #640, #154, #140, #340). However, it is your responsibility to choose the best size for you: the garments cannot be returned and no exchanges are allowed and no refunds or credits are given.

YOUR PAYMENT for the garments must be send to us in advance.  If you wish to pay us online with a credit card, this is possible with all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) but only directly online on the PayPal internet site.  If you need more information about PayPal, please click here:  PayPal information.
If you do not wish to pay by your credit card through PayPal, please send us a money order, or traveler's checks, or a bank draft (those can be bought in the post office or in most banks).
For parcels to addresses in Canada, see the price in Canadian dollars ($ Can). For parcels to USA, pay in US dollars. For other countries, please pay in US dollars ($ US). The minimum order is $ 25 + postage. THE POSTAGE FEE is, for orders to an address in Canada only $15 Canadian.  For an address in USA , $ 18 US.  For an address outside of USA & Canada, the postage is US $ 20 (18 euro).  The postage is per each parcel, not per garment.  An order counts as a parcel (no matter how many parcels we actually have to make).  This favors large orders.  There is no tax and no other fees.   All parcels are usually mailed as surface mail parcel by the regular post office (their service is very reliable).  It is important to understand that the post office is responsible for delivering your parcel safely: we have no control over their work or their speed.  For parcels to the USA, an extra postal insurance is possible if you add 2 $ for each 100 $, for example, if you are purchasing for $ 400, add US $ 8.  The postal insurance is possible also for some countries other than USA or Canada, however, only  to some countries.
It usually takes 5 to 15 days for us to receive your letter with your payment: the best time to inquire if we received your order is about 3 weeks after you have mailed it.  Once we dispatch the parcel, the postal service might still need 2 to 5 weeks (or, in extreme as long as 10 weeks) to deliver your parcel to your address. It is important to order long before you need the garments urgently.
It is very important to write very legibly or to use a typewriter or a computer to write us: a few letters from our clients in the last years were almost illegible, including the address.
Some customers requested to pay simply with credit cards. Please do not mail us your credit card information.  You can pay us directly with almost all major credit cards online, however, only through the PayPal system.  For more information, please click here: PayPal information. .
It is also possible to pay directly into our bank accounts in USA, Canada, and Germany (contact us by e-mail for details):

GREAT SAVINGS: Our garments are economical. Thousands of dollars can be saved per year if they are used with our reusable cotton cloth pads or diapers (instead of disposable diaper pants). They are ecologically safer by preventing the growing mountains of non-biodegradable diapers in our North-American garbage disposal sites), see Canadian Living Magazine, February 1989, page 121, an article by Eng: "Cloth diapers come out on the top".

RETURNS: Once purchased, the garments cannot be returned. We inspect them for manufacturing errors before dispatching the parcels. We also give no refunds and allow no exchanges. However, if you are dissatisfied, please let us know by a letter or e-mail immediately. Please note that we do not accept any parcels mailed to us without our prior consent. In the past, some customers abused the postal system by mailing us their garments, perhaps with good intentions but with dire consequences: some of these arrived with a high invoice from Customs Canada (we had to pay a high duty fee before opening the parcel, even though the goods had no value to us). As a consequence, your parcel must be now treated as "refused" by the post office. Please, if you wish to mail us anything, obtain our consent first, otherwise your parcel will be "refused" and probably destroyed within the postal system. We refuse any responsibility for the related loss of your goods.

PICTURES OF OUR GARMENTS:  Many of our photograph show our garments on a real person.  Why these pictures?  In the past, many clients complained that the photographs on our old homepage were not on a real person and that it is too difficult to visualize how our garments would look on a real human being. The artistic photographs were very kindly provided for us by a Norwegian volunteer lady (Rita) and her friends and also by other artistic teams from America and UK.  These medical pictures show the diapers as normal in medical catalogs in North-America or Western Europe, however, this may still be considered as offensive by some individuals or cultural groups, particularly within the Middle-East.
If partial nudity with diapers offends you or is against the law or customs of your country, then please do not view these pictures. Our medical pictures are not for entertainment, are not for children, and are not to be displayed in public, particularly in contexts abusive to disabled or handicapped persons or women.  Most fashion  models decline when approached to wear incontinence garments for medical photographs.  They almost all decline as incontinence remains a major taboo in our society.  We all should applaud the personal courage and charitable attitude of the benevolent ladies that kindly provided these artistic pictures to help the disabled.  Please pray for their good health, and personal well-being as well as for the well-being of their families.

Unable to access our web page?  This may happen frequently.  We rent the web space from a high speed cable company and no public internet service is free of technical problems.  Please try to access us again few days later.

VISITORS. How many persons visit our homepage? When our homepage was first developed about 12 years ago, an electronic counter indicated about 35, 000 visitors during the first about 20 months. We no longer use any counter.
Some customers ask if they could also visit our store or our factory. Unfortunately we do not have any store to display our products (the income is too low to pay store staff) and we discourage any attempts to telephone us or to visit us on site because this almost always slows down the production and increases the cost of the garments for the disabled and for the sick. Almost all necessary information can far more easily be obtained from this internet page and our catalogs, and if the answers are not in our catalog, please contact us by e-mail.

VIRUS WARNING:  You may receive e-mail messages, supposedly from our address or even supposedly from your e-mail service provider or supposedly from various other organizations residing in different countries or also supposedly from the FBI, USA,  that, in fact, are fake messages generated somewhere else by a virus at another address (i.e., not at all from us and also neither from your e-mail service provider nor from the FBI).  These messages will ask you to open an attachment to the e-mail. Do not open any of these attachments.  They do not come from us. We do not mail any such unsollicited e-mail with attachments and have never engaged in spam mail.  The attachments typically contain dangerous viruses.   The text of a typical virus infected e-mail is as follows:
"From: <>   Dear  user, the  management of mailing  system wants  to let you know  that, Some  of  our  clients complained about the spam (negative e-mail content) outgoing  from your  e-mail account. Probably, you have  been infected by a proxy-relay trojan server.  In order to  keep your computer safe, follow the instructions. Advanced details can be found in attached  file. For security purposes  the attached file is password protected. Password is "57181". The Management,  The  team"
Some of these messages (from an address faked as our own) may ask you to verify "your membership" (we do not have any memberships) or your password (we do not provide any passwords).
Do not open any of these files.  They are neither from us, nor from your e-mail provider, nor from the FBI.  Of course, we do not even have an e-mail address such as <>.    Even if our e-mail address would appear correct, please do not open any attachments at this time. 

LINKS. There are numerous associations for disabled persons or those suffering from a chronic illness. Some of them deal directly with incontinence and some deal with physical problems that may result in incontinence, for example, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or chronic urinary tract infections, or spinal injuries. To view some of these links, please click here: links.

SELF ESTEEM. Incontinence causes major psychological stress and has a devastating impact on self-esteem, social self-confidence, the level of anxiety, and on human productivity. At least 25% of people suffer from incontinence between age 20 and 50, at some time. If we could destigmatize incontinence, this would noticeably increase human productivity and quality of life in most countries around the world. To view more information, please click here: feelings of incontinence sufferers.

HOW MANY PERSONS ARE INCONTINENT? The prevalence of urinary incontinence in women is estimated to be 50% between age 20 to 50. Adequate data on men are not available. If you wish to read a discussion of this topic, please click here: prevalence.
SORRY, NO FREE SAMPLES.   We are sorry but we do not provide free samples and cannot provide any fancy catalogs with nice pictures.  The cost of such catalogs or of free samples always results in an unfair price increase of these garments for the sick and disabled and these persons often have inadequate financial resources.

PAPER COPIES:  The paper copies of our catalog have absolutely no color pictures: these are only on the internet. The paper catalog consists only from very poor quality Xerox copies, with almost no pictures.   Due to the heavy traffic to our webpage, we prefer to no longer send any copies of our catalogs by mail or e-mail as it is easier for you to download them from our homepage. The internet version is by far more up to date and far more complete than the paper copies.  The Xerox copies list only a few pants.   At this time, the paper catalog is not available at all.

Our full internet catalog can be provided only on a CD or DVD, in a format played on IBM (compatible) computers, at US $ 25 to USA (the price includes postage),  Canadian $ 25 to Canada (the price includes postage), and at $30 to other countries (the price includes postage) and 25 euros for those within euro zone  (the price includes postage).  The computer does not need any connection to internet to browse the catalog from the CD.   

We can not mail the catalog (or our products) to countries where the laws/traditions require that women  wear veils, or to those in which women could be persecuted for wearing  trousers or bikini, or to countries in which middle-class American fashion magazines  (Vogue, Marie-Claire, Redbook) may be considered indecent,  while these family magazines are considered as suitable even for children in USA, UK, and Canada and are available in public libraries. These are socio-cultural differences.

Copyright (c) AC Medical Supplies, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.  If you wish to reproduce any part of this homepage, including pictures, for a commercial purpose, please ask for a written permission first. If our pictures are reproduced for a non-commercial purpose, they must include the statement that our products are available to sick or disabled persons only, by mailorder at a low price directly from our company (our regular most updated mail address must be included).

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